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Famine’s Shadow

Dear Family and Friends of The Oasis of Hope,

We lock our trash. If we don’t, the trash can will be scavenged to emptiness.  We encounter children, toddlers even fighting over a rotten mango or searching emptied cans for a morsel—even dog food. A guard once found and shared with his family a package of rotten ground beef recently fallen victim to a full-day power failure. This was before recent global food issues transmitted waves of food scarcity nearly everywhere.  It has gotten worse. Much worse.

Food of every kind is getting more costly.  The baby formula, beans and rice, peanuts, enriched porridge, and other foods we distribute to the mothers desperate to feed their boney babies cost so much more. Famine may not be far.  More than 2 million people have been routed from their homes and farms by bloodthirsty Jihadhi and face growing food insecurity.

The fallout has already begun to land on the Oasis of Hope (L’Oasis D’Espoir.)  We have weathered several price increases on foods. Rice, beans, and cornmeal could eventually be out of the reach of many. We rely on your prayers to Father God to give us wisdom in how we operate and plan for the Oasis. We hope for His wisdom to fill us as we deal with new, emergent circumstances.  Between having a record 166 babies in our feeding program and the recent increase in the cost of baby formula, our costs have increased $500 per month. We are praying for 10 more monthly mission partners giving $50 or more to cover this increase.

We are thankful to have Tony, Isabel and their children, Graciella and Jakim, join The Oasis of Hope team as new missionaries.  They have arrived in Burkina and are settling into life in Ouagadougou.  We are eager to share their stories with you as they devote their hearts and hands to caring for those to whom God has brought them. 

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